7th division news

2022 Heritage award

On September 25 at the Victoria Model Railroad show, Ken Rutherford had the pleasure of presenting the 2022 Heritage Award to Robert Turner of Protection Island. The award is presented to a member (or members) in the Division who has/have contributed significantly to the preservation of railroad history within the Province of British Columbia.

2022 Jack Work Memorial Trophy

This year's recipient is Scott Calvert. Scott has been active in the 7th division for many years and he has always gone to great lengths to share his knowledge. He has presented many clinics. beginning as far back as our days at Oakridge and extending to recent PNR conventions and the RMMBC in-person and virtual meets. His web page contains an enormous quantity of information to assist his fellow modellers and he is always extremely generous with his time and advice. He has written for several modelling magazines to share his expertise.

2022 Ross Heriot Memorial Gold Spike award

The 2022 recipient is Lori Sebelley. She has been an active member of the division for several years.Among her many contributions to the 7h division some particular contributions come to mind: She has served both on the Trains and “Railway Modellers Meet of British Columbia” Organizing committees for several years. This person is an active member of the Coldslap Free-mo Club, participating in public displays for their layout and being an ambassador for our hobby.

2021 Ross Heriot Memorial Gold Spike award

The Ross Heriot memorial gold spike award is usually presented annually to the individual or individuals in the 7th Division PNR NMRA who have made a significant contribution to the division and it's membership. It is in appreciation of their unselfish devotion of time and effort to further the aims of the NMRA, PNR and the hobby of model railroading through assistance and service for the benefit of all model railroaders within the division.

2021 Jack Work Memorial Trophy

This year the Jack Work memorial trophy has been awarded to Rene Gourley. Rene has been involved with the hobby and NMRA pnr's 7Th division for many years. He has given numerous clinics, quite often on leading-edge technology topics. He is continually"pushing the envelope" as they say. He has written various article for the model press and for the past 6 years has been the chairman of the Railway Modellers Meet of BC,bringing all facets together for a first class, well received and well organized meet.

2021 Heritage award

The first Heritage award went to Ken Rutherford and Rick Lord, a joint award.