Ross Heriot Memorial Gold Spike award

Th Ross Heriot memorial gold spike award is usually presented annually to the individual or individuals in the 7th Division PNR NMRA who have made a significant contribution to the division and it's membership. It is in appreciation of their unselfish devotion of time and effort to further the aims of the NMRA, PNR and the hobby of model railroading through assistance and service for the benefit of all model railroaders within the division.
The award was first presented in 1968 and has been awarded 42 times since then. There is a list of previous winners on the 7th division web site.
This year's recipient has been an active member of the 7the division for several years.Among his many contributions to the division particular some particular contributions come to mind
• He served on the Trains 2013 committee and helped out as a tour guide back when we arranged escorted bused layout tours as part of the Annual Trains shows between 1996 and 2012.
• In 2008 he was appointed as foreman of the North Shore subdivision.
• Beginning in 2010, he founded a group of railway modellers who resided on the north shore which came to be called the north shore model railroaders. He has organized meetings and-or outings each month.These meetings are well attended and have grown to include as many as 20 people at some events. When a venue for a monthly meeting can;s be found he usually hosts the group in his own residence including the annual "Trains and Scones" event in December.
I hope you will all join me in thanking and acknowledging Graham Stokes the leader of the North Shore Model Railroader as the winner of the Ross Herioet Memorial Gold Spike Award.