Ross Heriot Memorial Gold Spike award

This year's recipient is Lori Sebelley.She has been an active member of the division for several years.Among her many contributions to the 7h division some particular contributions come to mind: She has served both on the Trains and “Railway Modellers Meet of British Columbia” Organizing committees for several years. This person is an active member of the Coldslap Free-mo Club, participating in public displays for their layout and being an ambassador for our hobby.
Beginning in 2008 she assisted as registrar and executive assistant to the Chairman of the PNR regional convention “Chilliwack Interchange”, and subsequently as registrar for the 2016 “Selkirk express” regional convention is Salmon Arm, for the 2019 “Kootenay express” regional convention in Cranbrook, and for this years “Make Tracks to Eugene” convention. She has recently taken on the role of Convention Chair for the upcoming 2024 regional convention planned for Surrey BC. It is worth noting that although these events could be considered “Regional” activities, by contributing her time and energy on behalf of our Division to Regional events she is doing an admirable job of representing, and fulfilling, our Division’s obligations to the broader NMRA. In so doing she brings us great credit. This Year’s Recipient has been a founding member of the Railway Modeler’s Meet organizing Committee serving as “accommodations and food service Chair”. Earlier this month our 2022 Ross Heriot recipient was also honoured at the PNR Regional Convention in Eugene Oregon as the recipient of the PNR President’s award for 2022 for many years of service at the NMRA regional level.
I do hope you will all join me in thanking and acknowledging the hard working - Lori Sebelley as the 2022 recipient of the Ross Heriot Memorial Gold Spike award. !!