Jack Work Memorial Trophy 2022

This year's recipient is Scott Calvert. Scott has been active in the 7th division for many years and he has always gone to great lengths to share his knowledge. He has presented many clinics. beginning as far back as our days at Oakridge and extending to recent PNR conventions and the RMMBC in-person and virtual meets. His web page contains an enormous quantity of information to assist his fellow modellers and he is always extremely generous with his time and advice. He has written for several modelling magazines to share his expertise.
Where modelling is concerned, perhaps his finest achievement is the entirety of his rendition of the Boundary Subdivision. Along with his faithful reproduction of the track, route, and features of the prototype, he has meticulously produced scenes that replicate the terrain of the era, right down to the exact colour of rocks, trees, and vegetation. He has made numerous trips to the area to make notes, take photos and measurements, and even used a drone extensively to conduct even more prototype research. Additionally;

  • Scott was Superintendent of the 7th Division for four years.
  • He received the “Ross Heriot Gold Spike award in 1992. He also received the PNR POY award (person of the year) in 1993.
  • 7th Division Cameron Train Shows: Scott was a major contributor / organizer for the annual Cameron Train Shows and he served on the executive team.
  • Annual 7th Division Shows: Scott is the current coordinator for the 7th division “Operations” sessions. He spends a lot of time organizing this part of the event. He also hosts ops sessions on his own layout (usually 3 sessions) for the show attendees.
  • VanRail Vancouver Operating Sessions: Scott handles & coordinates all the VanRail guests (not an easy job to please everyone) plus organizes all the layouts for the op sessions. He spends a tremendous amount of time communicating with the guest operators and scheduling their operating positions on each layout. He also spends time with the layout owners regarding the scheduling of their layouts.
  • Canadian Pacific Historical Association: Scott is a “Regional Superintendent” for the association, representing British Columbia.
  • PNR-GNRHS Nelson Convention 2022: Scott is one of the organizers for the Nelson Convention.
  • Scott’s Website: if anyone needs more insight into his accomplishments, I suggest they check out his website: Home - CPR Boundary Sub It does an excellent job of describing and depicting his modelling accomplishments.
    • Scott has worked with the Columbia & Western Historical Society to provide information and photos for the signage along the C&W trail.
Jim Little, MMR Jack Work Trophy Coordinator