Here is some information about the various awards that are presented by the Division to its members, along with a list of past recipients.
7th Division Awards
There are three awards that may be presented annually to members of the 7th Division as outlined below.

The Jack Work Memorial Trophy
Jack Work is considered by many to have been a pioneer in the hobby of model railroading. During the 1950's and 60's he shared much of his substantial knowledge and accomplishments with the modelling public through many articles in noted periodicals.
After his death in June 1996, his stainless steel railway whistle was kindly donated to the NMRA PNR 7th Division and now is the basis of the Jack Work Memorial Trophy.
The Trophy is presented annually to the 7th division member who best exhibits the qualities that Jack Work displayed, namely: imagination, creativity, innovation, artistry, forward thinking, quality workmanship and the sharing of the results of these qualities with the rest of the hobby.
The award may only be received once in a lifetime. The candidates are nominated by their peers.
The Award is based on modelling accomplishments and the sharing of those accomplishments and their appropriate model-building techniques and methods.

2022 Scott Calvert

2021 Rene Gourley

2019 Robert Turner

2018 Jim Little MMR

2016 Mark Dance

2013 Mike Chandler MMR
2010 Mike Barone

2008 Ed Warren MMR

2004 Russ Watson

2002 Bob Gardner MMR

2001 Patrick Lawson MMR
1999 Doug MMR
&Jackie Hole
1998 Dr Brian Pate
The Ross Heriot Gold Spike Award
by John Green
The award is presented annually to the individual or individuals in the PNR 7th Division who has made a significant contribution to the division. It is in appreciation of his/her unselfish devotion of time and effort to further the aims of the NMRA, the PNR and the hobby of model railroading through assistance and service for the benefit of all model railroaders within the division.
The award is a once-in-a-lifetime presentation and candidates are nominated by their peers.
The award is a simulated gold spike on a plaque. The spike is a real E&N (Rail America) railroad spike.
2022 Lori Sebelley   
2021 Graham Stokes
2019 Tom Lundgren 2018 Rene Gourley 2016 Mike Chandler MMR 2015 Greg Kennelly
2014 Greg Madsen also PNR POY in 2014 2013-- 2012 Eric Reynard 2011 Bill Dixon
2010 Bob Gardner, MMR 2009 Larry Sebelley 2008 Mike Barone
2007 John Zuk
2006 Dave Tomljenovich 2005 Russ Watson 2004 - 2003 -
2002 - 2001 Ted Alexis 2000 Ken Rutherford and Rick Lord 1999 Gary Hazell, also PNR POY* in 1995
1998 John Green 1997 Hugh Clarke 1996 Brian Clogg 1995 -
1994 - 1993 Gordon Varney 1992 Scott Calvert, also PNR POY in 1993 1991 Ken Davis also PNR POY in 1965
1990 Dick Sutcliffe, also PNR POY in 2000 1989 Steve Stark 1988 Bert Battey 1987 Carl Sparks
1986 Phil Magnal 1985 Shirley and Rob Heap 1984 Brian Pate 1983 George Biel
1982 Tom Beaton also PNR POY in 1983 1981 Hank Menkveld also PNR POY in 1985 1980 Art Jones 1979 -
1978 Ken Griffiths 1977 Ken Vere 1976 - 1975 Fraser Wilson
1974 1973 Doug Stevenson also PNR POY in 1975 1972 Cyril Meadows 1971 Doug Harmon
1970 Phil Crawley 1969 Norm Szun 1968 Frank McKinney also PNR POY in 1973
Note: *POY is the PNR person of the year award

The Railway Heritage Award
This award was established in 2018 and will be presented annually, when appropriate, to a current member of the 7th Division who has contributed in a meaningful way to the preservation of railway history.
To be considered for the award, the nominee shall have performed service in one or more of the following ways: Have been a member of an historical association or society that works on the preservation and presentation of railway history and artifacts; or Have contributed to the preservation of railway history through published writings, or by having volunteered to work on restoration projects, or sat on boards of historical societies or museums that contributed to the preservation of railway history; or Have exhibited a substantial interest in the history of railways in British Columbia and its preservation; or Contributed many hours volunteering with an operating historical railway as a member of the operating crew or as a docent traveling with the train telling the general public about the history of railroading; or Have participated substantially in some other significant and worthy efforts to preserve railway heritage. Nominations should include documentation, explaining the nominee’s accomplishments. A candidate will be recommended by the award coordinator and approved by the Board of Directors. The award will only be presented in years when a suitable recipient is recognized.
2021 Ken Rutherford and Rick Lord

The NMRA Master Model Railroader Award
We are also very fortunate to have a number of NMRA Master Model Railroaders within the 7th Division.
The following past or present 7th Division members have earned the title of Master Model Railroader (MMR) after successfully meeting all of the MMR requirements within the NMRA Achievement Program (AP). The AP is a system of requirements for demonstrating a superior level of skill in various aspects of our hobby. It covers not only building various types of models, but also building other things which are important to the hobby, such as scenery, structures, track work, and wiring. It also recognizes service to the hobby and the NMRA, which are important as well. Earning the MMR status is a remarkable achievement. Additional AP information may be obtained at
  • William H. Hewlett, MMR #18
  • Robert J. Gardner, MMR #103
  • Gordon Varney MMR #126
  • Douglas Hole, MMR #269
  • Ed Warren MMR #272 ,
  • Patrick Lawson, MMR #270
  • Mike Chandler , MMR #489
  • Jim Little MMR #611